Your child's creativity will be unlocked at Brush & Barrel Summer Camps and Enrichment Days!

During our week long summer camps, each week, campers explore the elements of a new and exciting theme that will ignite their creativity. With different mediums planned for each day your child will paint, sculpt, collage, + more and engineer imaginative worlds through art. From exploring the wonders of nature through outdoor sketching on our balcony, in our plant studio or perhaps a quick walk to St. Morrison Park, we're delving into the vibrant world of art.

Designed to inspire and engage young artists, our week-long camps offer a blend of imaginative activities, art exploration, history and skill-building in a supportive and fun environment.

Throughout the camp, instructors guide campers through hands-on art projects tailored to their age group and skill level. Whether they're painting, sculpting, or experimenting with mixed media, campers have the freedom to express themselves through art. Our goal is to both build skills and an appreciation for art.

One of the highlights of Brush & Barrel Summer Camps is the culminating art show held at the end of each week. Campers proudly showcase their masterpieces, sharing their creativity and accomplishments with family and friends. It's a celebration of their hard work, dedication, and imagination, providing a sense of achievement and pride that lasts long after the camp ends.

Join us this summer for an artful journey filled with discovery, inspiration, and endless possibilities.

Let your child's creativity soar at the Brush & Barrel Summer Camp, where every brushstroke is a step towards self-expression and every masterpiece is a testament to their unlimited potential.

Enrichment Days are one day sessions during school "breaks" that offer an opportunity for your child to have a themed enrichment lesson. Look for Enrichment Days on weekdays that schools in our area have planned to have off during the regular work week.

We look forward to creating with your young artist!